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Here at Blue Star Business Services, we’re proud to have recently worked with SC Logisitics Services LLC on launching a new website, creating a logo, and designing their business cards, letterhead, tri-folds and other promotional materials.  SC Logistics Services is a new interstate contract carrier based in Fayetteville, Arkansas and operated by Ted Wade and Scott Finley of Stone Consulting. Here are some of the highlights of their new website at


The SC Logistics logo was created by our Art Department and fine tuned to the specifications of the client. We like to point out the details in this logo, such as the road design on each side of the circle signifying the roads the trucks drive on. The arrows pointing in both directions around the circle indicate that SC Logistics ships to and from virtually anywhere in the continental U.S. This logo clearly shows the company name, indicates what the company does, and will be used for years to come. The company has already used it on the large awning above the front door of their new offices.

Web Design

To make this site really stand out, we put a lot of work and creativity into the design. We customized each aspect of the site, from changing colors of icons as you scroll over them, to creating a unified color scheme. This makes the website easily navigable.

Responsive Design

One of the most important steps to take when creating a website is to make sure it functions well and looks good on both mobile and desktop. We use responsive design to achieve this, where the page layouts are fluid depending on the screen size. We made sure every aspect of this website was readable and easy to look at on both mobile and desktop. As you switch from desktop to mobile some icons are stacked as opposed to side by side, text will get bigger or smaller to easily fit into the space.

Custom Images

The Homepage is arranged so that the first thing that draws the eye is the large image of a truck, which our artists photoshopped the SC Logistics logo onto. At a glance, the site visually communicates to visitors what the company does along with a recognizable logo.


All the icons on the Homepage and the Services page were created from scratch by one of our artists. The icons are simple and uniform, yet descriptive, making it easy to navigate through the website to find what you need.

Call to Action

An important part of any website are the call to action buttons. We created two very visible call to action buttons on the SC Logistics website. One button is the phone number on the top of each page. This allows an easy way for any customer to reach the company. Another call to action clickable button is the ‘Request A Quote’ at the bottom of each page. This button turns red as you scroll over it. These buttons invite visitors to click and take action while on the website. We also made the contact information visible and easy to find at the bottom of every page of the website.

SC Logistics Request a Quote

Services page

Services are the main part of this company website. We created a service page that was simple yet interactive for customers. Each icon shows a simple picture making it easy to find what you are looking for. The icons are interactive, meaning you can click on the plus sign to the right of the icon and a drop-down will appear with a description of the service. Each description was written with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. This is part of an ongoing effort to ensure specific keywords related to the logistics and trucking industry show up in Google search results, along with the SC Logistics name brand.

Our Team Page

Great businesses always have a great team behind them. In SC Logistics’ case, they have an amazing team, and we wanted to highlight that. Ted Wade and Scott Finley, partners of SC Logistics, have held leadership positions at Wal-Mart, J.B. Hunt, Red Rock Oil Field Hauling and more.  We emphasised this on both the home page and the team page. The team page shows everyone who works at the company, while individual pages for the founders outline their careers and showcase their significant accomplishments.

Social Media & Search

It’s important for today’s businesses to have a presence on social media and Google. This helps SEO and provides more avenues for you business to be found. For SC Logistics it made sense to have a Facebook, LinkedIn and a “Google My Business” Listing. Our team created each of these pages for SC Logistics, with custom images and copy, so they can keep customers up to date and reach potential new customers.


We enjoyed working with SC Logistics on creating their website, logo, and custom printed materials. We believe the design and technical aspects of the website we created will provide desired results for years to come.

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